About Us

Welcome to Jasper Hearing Center, located in Jasper, Alabama. We are a locally, family owned facility. Our audiologist, Kristi Allen has been a practitioner for over 19 years. Opening Jasper Hearing Center is a welcoming opportunity to treat each patient with the most precise care possible.


Hearing Aids– Full line of digital hearing instruments offered to fit any budget

Hearing Aid Repair– In-house, warranty and out-of-warranty hearing aid repairs offered.

Hearing Aid/Ear Care Products– We offer many products needed to properly care for hearing instruments and ears such as Dri-Aids, Dry & Store units and accessories, Oto-ease, Miracell and many more. We can also order most any item that we do not regularly stock.

 Hearing Aid Accessories– We offer a wide range of accessories for hearing aids such as remote controls, remote microphones, TV streamers and cell phone accessories.

Hearing Aid Batteries– Sizes 10, 312, 13 and 675 Mercury-free zinc air batteries.

Extended Warranties

Hearing Evaluations– Professional hearing evaluations performed by a licensed Audiologist